Darrin Blankenship

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America


One Small Blow Against Encroaching Totalitarianism: The Widening Gyre

I love covers and this one is an instant favorite. Turn it way up.


I think “ghoul” is an unnecessarily charitable description but, otherwise, yeah.

[Why won’t the mainstream media tell the truth about racist ghoul Stephen Miller? Salon.com](https://www.salon.com/2018/06/20/why-wont-the-mainstream-media-tell-the-truth-about-racist-ghoul-stephen-miller/)

Once again: these are evil people bent on doing evil.


Lewandowski says video of him saying ‘womp womp’ about girl with Down syndrome is fake news

Pure. Fucking. Evil.



I Believe Every Child is Precious, Except for the Ones We’re Locking Up in Cages

Trump: I Want ‘My People’ To ‘Sit Up At Attention’ Like The North Koreans Do – Talking Points Memo

Nope nope nope. Americans gave up kings a long fucking time ago.

American presidents, despite being the Commander in Chief, are civilians. They aren’t expected to salute service members. They absolutely don’t salute soldiers in a foreign military. Kneeling for the national anthem is nothing compared to this.

Trump Salutes North Korean General, Breaks With American Precedent – Talking Points Memo

What lies beneath: the subterranean secrets of London’s super-rich - Money - The Guardian

How Morlocks are made.

NYPD says ‘Skim Reaper’ device could curb ATM fraud

Shut up and take my money.

The Long Way Round: The Plane that Accidentally Circumnavigated the World

This needs to be made into a film.


“I pick up my axe & fight like a farmer.”

My daughter says it’s still too early to know if it’s a queen or a regular xenomorph.

YouTube still has an ad problem

That YouTube “still” has an ad problem is not shocking. That there are channels promoting pedophilia is a much more WTF moment for me.


The First Female President

Adult nerd hood is being genuinely conflicted between a $700 vacuum cleaner and a $500 game console.

Time For Love - YouTube

“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask - Ars Technica

Or, framed another way: should medicine be a market based business?

I would like some more detail.

Lujan: It’s been admitted by Facebook that you do collect data points on non-Facebook users. My question is, can someone who does not have a Facebook account opt out of Facebook’s involuntary data collection?

Zuckerberg: Anyone can turn off and opt out of any data collection for ads, whether they use our services or not but in order to prevent people from scraping public information … we need to know when someone is repeatedly trying to access our services.

Wait, wait, wait… opt out for non-users? How?

Mark Zuckerberg Denies Knowledge of Non-Consensual Shadow Profiles Facebook Has Been Building of Non-Users For Years - Slashdot