Darrin Blankenship

I think “ghoul” is an unnecessarily charitable description but, otherwise, yeah.

[Why won’t the mainstream media tell the truth about racist ghoul Stephen Miller? Salon.com](https://www.salon.com/2018/06/20/why-wont-the-mainstream-media-tell-the-truth-about-racist-ghoul-stephen-miller/)

Once again: these are evil people bent on doing evil.


Lewandowski says video of him saying ‘womp womp’ about girl with Down syndrome is fake news

Pure. Fucking. Evil.



I Believe Every Child is Precious, Except for the Ones We’re Locking Up in Cages

Trump: I Want ‘My People’ To ‘Sit Up At Attention’ Like The North Koreans Do – Talking Points Memo

Nope nope nope. Americans gave up kings a long fucking time ago.

American presidents, despite being the Commander in Chief, are civilians. They aren’t expected to salute service members. They absolutely don’t salute soldiers in a foreign military. Kneeling for the national anthem is nothing compared to this.

Trump Salutes North Korean General, Breaks With American Precedent – Talking Points Memo

What lies beneath: the subterranean secrets of London’s super-rich - Money - The Guardian

How Morlocks are made.

NYPD says ‘Skim Reaper’ device could curb ATM fraud

Shut up and take my money.

The Long Way Round: The Plane that Accidentally Circumnavigated the World

This needs to be made into a film.


“I pick up my axe & fight like a farmer.”

My daughter says it’s still too early to know if it’s a queen or a regular xenomorph.

YouTube still has an ad problem

That YouTube “still” has an ad problem is not shocking. That there are channels promoting pedophilia is a much more WTF moment for me.


The First Female President

Adult nerd hood is being genuinely conflicted between a $700 vacuum cleaner and a $500 game console.

Time For Love - YouTube

“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask - Ars Technica

Or, framed another way: should medicine be a market based business?

I would like some more detail.

Lujan: It’s been admitted by Facebook that you do collect data points on non-Facebook users. My question is, can someone who does not have a Facebook account opt out of Facebook’s involuntary data collection?

Zuckerberg: Anyone can turn off and opt out of any data collection for ads, whether they use our services or not but in order to prevent people from scraping public information … we need to know when someone is repeatedly trying to access our services.

Wait, wait, wait… opt out for non-users? How?

Mark Zuckerberg Denies Knowledge of Non-Consensual Shadow Profiles Facebook Has Been Building of Non-Users For Years - Slashdot

Check right now if Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data

Yeah… except you have to log in to Facebook to see. What about those of us who quit FB years ago? I understand that FB should have deleted my data but, come on, is it really that crazy to assume that they didn’t?

I’ve been making up outrageous answers…

for these questions for years because I was concerned that, under the modern surveillance state, it wasn’t hard to imagine a bad actor being able to find out the answer and succeed with a password reset. Never occurred to me that they might be another sneaky way to get my information.

Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself — Krebs on Security

Just fucking great.

Four cents to deanonymize: Companies reverse hashed email addresses