Darrin Blankenship

Deleted Instagram, Pinterest and a legacy gmail account that was so choked with spam and other people using it as their personal burner as to make it unusable.

You know, having lived in Vegas, I can attest that it’s one of the most heavily surveilled cities in America. The thug who threatened Stormy could have been caught on camera. Without police involvement it seems likely any tapes were purged before she got herself a good bulldog.

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones Ars Technica

Yet again, I’m sure it will be somehow “unintentional” or “a bug” or “a rogue employee/contractor/developer/researcher”.

Is it just me or does this basically say “Hey, we don’t track you unless we think we need to and then we totally do”? At best, this is pretty clumsy verbiage.

Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns? - Scientific American Blog Network

Now imagine the data we would have if the NRA hadn’t succeeded in making government funded research impossible.

[SpaceX launch last year punched huge, temporary hole in the ionosphere Ars Technica](https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/03/spacex-launch-last-year-punched-huge-temporary-hole-in-the-ionosphere/#p3)

Punched a hole in the sky. Insanely cool and just a wee bit alarming.


Before being fired by Sessions, Andrew McCabe reportedly authorized a criminal probe into Sessions

Now that’s interesting. I wonder if that doesn’t open a whole separate line of inquiry into potential obstruction of justice.

A pair of shivs + yards of bondage ligature = one lovely sweater.

Knitting is fucking metal as HELL.

A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal” - MIT Technology Review


[Tom Brokaw rips Trump for calling Chuck Todd a ‘son of a b—’: ‘Really classy’ TheHill](http://thehill.com/homenews/media/377813-tom-brokaw-rips-trump-for-calling-chuck-todd-son-of-a-bitch-really-classy)

Please, lecture me again about “respecting the office” when the screaming narcissist in the office clearly does not.

You know, it’s not like Kim Jong Un is playing three dimensional chess or anything. It’s that our President is playing 52 pickup.

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Turns out it’s just chance. - MIT Technology Review

Next time someone asks me “Well, what have you ever done?” I’ll just reply “Fuck off.”

macOS 11 - Concept by Alvaro Pabesio on Behance

I like it.

Twitter asks for help fixing its toxicity problem

It’s pretty simple: draft a clear, concise policy on harrassment and abuse and then apply it equally to every flaming dickhole who violates it without exceptions for “newsworthiness”.

Trump: ‘We’re Going To Have To Start Talking About Mental Institutions’ – Talking Points Memo

Sure. Reopen Bedlam. Next up: workhouses.

Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild by Kathy Fish – .JellyfishReview.

Congratulations for making national news, Jake the Asshole!

Sitting down to the live action Full Metal Alchemist on Netflix. Can’t be any worse than The Cloverfield Paradox. I hope.

[Kurt Eichenwald: Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment Vanity Fair](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/politics/2013/01/kurt-eichenwald-lets-repeal-second-amendment)


Trump Says He’s Asked DOJ To Create Regulations Banning Bump Stocks

Wait, wait WAIT! I thought it was the brown guy who was supposed to take away our precious murder babies?